Delta Premium CBD

Our Delta Premium CBD standard guarantees that our customers are using pure high -quality, full -spectrum products. This standard means that our products list the amount of active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD) in every bottle as opposed to competitors that measures the amount of CBD rich oil, which can prove less effective. We want our customers to be confident that the quality of CBD they are ingesting is not only safe, but also provides the maximum health benefits of full- spectrum CBD.

Delta Premium 3rd Party Tested

Certificate of Authenticity 

Procana – Only Hemp Extract

*Contains NO CBD*

CBDMD – Proprietary Blend

Contains just enough CBD to be labeled as a CBD. So No CBD

KOI – Contains THC

Levels are not true to milligram as well as having THC so you will test positive on a drug test.

HempWorx- Contains THC, Outside Additives

HempLucid-Hemp Extract

Pure Kana- Hemp Seed Oil

CBDPure- Hemp Extract

Cordial Organics- Blend of Herbs and Spices

Medterra – Only Isolate